Awakening Awareness


By Grace

My childhood on a very special beach…As the silver-blue of a night moon makes way for a flaming fire-ball rising over the liquid silkiness of a milky-grey ocean, flashes of pink dance as the waters start to churn on the incoming tide – A new day.

The sand rough and cool beneath my feet, I run my tongue lightly across my lips, I taste the fine crystals of salt from the sea spray.

The budding artist within, enthralled by the play of light on water. I watch in awe, as rainbow bubbles dance across the waves, tumbling onto the shore.

My LIFE intended… The beautiful sun-kissed shores of the KwaZulu-Natal –  North Coast, Westbrook Beach, our beach house, “Grace”.

A burning desire to an awakening – to LIVE for what is there!

My childhood experiences, my passion for all that I could experience as a human being, bought me full circle to who I now am.

Carol Marsberg SteenkampJu’CKet DESIGN

Excellent work detail from start to finish! Carol's avant-garde approach, her exceptional design in any of the projects she takes on, shows passion and insight toward the structure. Bespoke furniture, both fixed and movable pieces, are exact in what is required, a perfect fit at placement, and exactly on point to the overall requirement. With every project, she insists on well-rounded finishing. Carol works closely with her preferred Contractors. Her forward-thinking enables one-of-a-kind results! Creativity and perfection all in one!


“Bold enough to begin” “Brave enough to pursue” “Passionate enough to achieve”


Refined skills

(N Dip)- Interior Decorating-Design and Building Drawing 2002

International Certificate – AutoCAD (NMMU) 2003

Experienced Interior Design Professional with a demonstrated history

Strong entrepreneur professional

Regional Business Achievers Award – Nominee 2016 – Entrepreneur Category

Product Design featured in Zsa Zsa Bellagio Blog

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Interior Design 0
AutoCAD 0